Edgar Pantoja

Pianist - Composer - Arranger - Music Educator
Miami-based pianist, composer, arranger, and trumpet player
specializing in Latin jazz, world music, and modern and traditional Cuban music styles


New Original Album
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This album is the result of all experiences, feelings, passions and loves I have lived as a human being and artist; it is very diverse rhythmically, harmonically and melodically. Most of the music in this album Vivencias is influenced by traditional Cuban music and its folklore, also you can feel Gnawa and Samba rhythms, everything mixed with Jazz music.

Featuring (in alphabetical order):  ​
  • Ludwig Afonso - drums (tracks 1-7, 9)

  • Lino Fernandez - güiro (4) and maracas (8)

  • Roman Filiu - alto and tenor saxophone (9)

  • Juancho Herrera - acoustic (1) and electric guitar (2)

  • Gabriel "Chinchilita" Machado - congas (4), bongoes (8), güiro and claves (9)

  • Pedrito Martinez - vocals (3), batas (3), congas (2,9)

  • Carlos Mena - acoustic and electric bass (1-9)

  • Edgar Pantoja-Aleman - acoustic piano (1-9), keyboards (7,9), claps (1), karkabas (7)

  • Javier Porta-Gonzalez - flute (4)

  • Kali Rodriguez-Peña - trumpets (9)

  • Edgardo "Yayo" Serka - cajon (1)

Composer, arranger, producer, and musical director - Edgar Pantoja-Aleman

Recorded March 2017 by Tom Tedesco, Tedesco Studios, NJ

Mixing by Kamilo Kratc, Soundworks Recording Studio, NY

Mastering by Luis Güell, Digital Boulevard Audio, NJ

Artwork by Daniela Iribarne


Available for: Performances
Private Parties

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